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video & movie transfers

Video Transferred to Digital Media

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Video & Movie Transfers

video TRANSFERRED to digital media

Video tapes have a shelf life of 8 to 20 years depending on how they are stored. As video tapes deteriorate they become less sharp and the colors shift. Transferring the tapes to DVD can provide a more stable media for playing and storing your memories. We transfer 8mm, Hi-8mm, mini-DV, Beta, VHS-C and VHS tapes to DVD. Tapes are transferred without editing. You can have a short title printed on the DVD and the title insert cover.

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video types and prices

video type
Video tape to DVD  or Digital Video (2 hours of recording)
Additional DVD's of video tapes includes DVD case and title insert cover.
DVD from video tape copied to DVD includes DVD case and title insert cover.
DVD from video tape copied to DVD includes DVD case and title insert cover.
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movie transfers

Transfer your home movies to digital. Bring us your 8mm, Super 8mm and 16 mm film.

Reel Sizes:

  • 3 inch reel = 50 feet

  • 4 inch reel = 100 feet

  • 5 inch reel = 200 feet

  • 6 inch reel = 300 feet

  • 7 inch reel = 400 feet

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movie film transfers
3 Inch reels
4 Inch reels
5 Inch reels
6 Inch reels
7 Inch reels

we will do the following

  • Clean your film.

  • Check each reel for breaks and splice if necessary.

  • Scan your movie frame by frame using a cool LED light source.

  • Protect the film from damage as the scanner has no sprockets, no claws or pinch rollers.

  • Your movie will be enhanced to improve color and graininess.

  • Personalize the movies with your choice of title and dates.

  • DVD’s will have chapters for easier viewing of movies

Additional Services Include

  • Additional DVD - $15.95

  • Additional copies on flash drive - $9.95 plus cost of flash drive

  • Copies to Digital Download - $9.95 up to 2GB.

  • Media file can be put on DVD, flash drive or external drive.

  • Format’s include MOV, MPEG-2, AVI and MPEG-4

  • Effective 5/19/2021

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