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Video Transferred to Digital Media


Video tapes have a shelf life of 8 to 20 years depending on how they are stored. As video tapes deteriorate they become less sharp and the colors shift. Transferring the tapes to DVD can provide a more stable media for playing and storing your memories. We transfer 8mm, Hi-8mm, mini-DV, Beta, VHS-C and VHS tapes to DVD. Tapes are trasnferred without editing. You can have a short title printed on the DVD and the title insert cover. 



Video tape to DVD  or Digital Video (2 hours of recording)

$ 29.95


Additional DVD's of video tapes includes DVD case and title insert cover.

 $ 9.95

DVD from video tape copied to DVD includes DVD case and title insert cover.


$ 9.95

VIdeo Tape editing is available.




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