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Bulk Scanning


Bring in your shoebox or shoeboxes of photos and we will put them on a CD. You can give the CD as a gift, send images on line or make prints. Bulk scanning is an inexpensive way of turning those photos into images you can share with the whole family.




Each Additional Image

Up to 25 photos on CD



Up to 50 photos on a CD



Up to 100 photos on a CD



Up to 250 photos on a CD



Up to 500 photos on a CD



Up to 1000 photos on a CD



Additional Services

Duplicate CDs


Small Index Prints

$3.00 / 40 Images

4X6 prints from CD



Guidelines for Bulk Scanning

Prints can be from wallet (2.5 X 3.5 inches) to 8 X 10.

Photos should be in good condition and unmounted. Photos that are fragile, torn, warped, folded, creased, sticky or bubbled will not scan.

Bulk scanning does not include retouching, cropping or resizing.

Photos will be scanned at 300PPI (Pixels per inch).

Scanning will include the full image and borders.

Please remove photos from albums and envelopes so they are ready to scan.

If you want to keep photos organized by groups,we suggest you put information on an index card and place the index card at the beginning of each group. We will scan the index card with the group.

Photos that can not be bulk scanned can still be scanned at our regular prices or can be returned without scanning.

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